Mother’s Day Dinner/Dance

Important message  from the President
As you receive this message, I hope all of you are in good health as well as high spirits. To all you mothers and grandmothers I hope that you had a great Mother’s Day.
That being said, let me remind you, that our event for Mother’s day is at the D.A.V. on California Ave. and not at the Polish American Club. We have limited space available, roughly 132 participants can be accommodated. So, even though the flyer states R.S.V.P. by the May 19th,the sooner you send in your donation with your request the better chance you have of getting a seat. That includes any guests that will be comingwith you to the event. No one will be allowed to pay at the door.
The next subject that needs our attention is vital to the success of ‘Our Club’ and should be our number one priority. That is the position of recording Secretary. Unfortunately, the young lady who held the position on an interim basis, for personal reasons, had to step down. She did a magnificent job as Secretary and we, the Board, had nothing but glowing reviews of her work. However, more pressing issues have called her away from that position. Fortunately she will remain an active member, so we can still enjoy her participation in our events.
We all understand that this is the hardest job on the board and requires someone with special skill set. This club has had Secretaries in the past who have made great contributions. The ideal situation, would be that one of our previouse secretaries would volunteer until the end of December, because they already know the job, and can step right in, without missing a beat. The position is from June 1through the end of December. However anyone is welcome to take the position even if training is needed. We got really lucky when Giselle volunteered, maybe we can get lucky again. So what do you say? Step up to the plate and make ‘Our Club’ the best in town.
On a final note, on Friday night, May 25 th at 10PM we will need volunteers to help prepare for the Mother’s Day Event. Volunteers will also be needed to clean up afterwards. Please email us, if you want to volunteer. Thank you.
Respectfully yours, Ruben Aleman
Ruben Aleman
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