Golf Scores 2020

SACI Golf Group Update as of 2/14/20

Message for Friday Feb 21st

We have 9 Tee Times for Friday, Feb. 21st starting at 10:45 thru 11:45.  See list of players confirmed for next Friday below.

If your name appears on the list below and you are not available to play please let me know ASAP.  If your name is not on the list and you would like to play, please notify me no later than before Monday evening.  We have room for 13 more. Herman

Regulars: (23)

(R) Mike Remy, (R) David Santiago, (R) Gary Bradley, (R) Rob Boals, (R) Mike Sucato, (R) Dennis Schmidt, (R) Al Peña, (R) Gus Migliore, (R) Tony Torello, (R) Olmedo Berrio, (R) Ray Guadalupe, (R) Cecil Elie, (R) Jack Klein, (R) Herman Santa, (R) Harvey Taylor, (R) Bobby De Assis, (R) Roberto Belardo, R) Carl Atkins, (R) Luis Arroyo, (R) Joe Mack, (R) Steve McGough, (R) Ruben Aleman & (R) Ignacio Fernandez

Out: (27)

(S) Max Laguerre, (S) Tony Guerrro, (S)Frank Timan, (S) Jim Lao, (S) Mario Kos, (S) Wayne Walker, (S) Norman Robinson, (S) John Kerch, (S) Bob Svenson (S) Kevin Taylor, (S) Terry Roberts, (S) Ralph Morrison, (S) Frank Garcia (S) Roger Rankin, (S) John Petrocelly, (S) Fred Savoy, (S) Jorge Crespo (S) Mike Bolanos, (S) Rick Buchaniec, (S) Lou Rosa, S) Walter Gomez, (S) Mike Sucato Jr, (S) Mike O’Donnell, (S) Juan Conde, (S) Paul Mitchell, (S) Pete Marrero & (S) Bernard Jethroe

Injured: (1)

(R) Eric Frank (Hip surgery)-Returning?

Out of Town (7)

(R) Rafael Velasquez-Returning after 2/14

(R) Carlos Bonet-Returning 2/28

(R) Otto Vega-Returning 3/3

(R) Fernando Mejia-Returning 3/4

(R) José Garcia-PR-Returning in May

(S) John Williams-Returning ?

(S) Robert Osborne-Returning ?

Returned North (1)

(S) Ted Kiorkowski

SACI Golf Group Results from 2/14/20

“Closest to the Pin” winners

Hole # 3 Klein($17)

Hole # 7 Schmidt ($17)

Hole # 10 Schmidt ($17)

Hole # 16 Walker ($17)

“Points winner”

+11 Points: Schmidt ($13)

“Highlights of the Day”

Eagles: None

Birdies:Boals (2), Migliore (2), Walker (1), Peña(1), Elie (1),

Greennies: Walker (2), Schmidt (2),Morrison 91), Boals (1), Sucato (1), Klein (1), Elie (1) & Bradley (1)

Sandies: Schmidt (2)

Scholarship Donations up to date as of 2/14/20

Last name                  Date                Description                             Amount

Guadalupe                 02/14/20          Donation                                $5

Bradley                       02/14/20          Donation                                $16

SACI                          01/31/20          50/50 proceeds                       $65

Boals                           01/31/20          Donation CtP (1/10/20)         $15

Bonet                          01/31/20          Donation Points (1/17/20)     $4

Remy                          01/24/20          CtP Hole # 7                           $11

Santa                          01/10/20          Donation Points                     $8

Bonet                          12/20/19          Donation Points                     $9

Williams                     11/15/19          Donation Ck # 294                $50 Deposit 11/19/19

Santa                          11/15/19          CtP Hole # 3                           $7

Santa                          11/15/19          Points +3                                $4

Hole # 10                    11/15/19          No winner                              $7

Hole # 16                    11/15/19          No winner                              $7

Hole # 10                    11/01/19          No winner                              $13

Total donated to the Scholarship as of 2/14/20                               $221

SACI Golf Group for Friday 2/21/20 (9 Tee Times) Starting at 10:45 thru 11:45

  Revised 2/14/20# of Rounds 2/14/20Avg/Pts 2/14/20HDCP Rev. 2/7/20Betting Points 2/7/20Total Scores 2/14/20
(S) Wayne Walker376.3/31.7N/A33=-479/29
(R) Gary Bradley2378.7/26.711.128=81/27
(R) Rob Boals1481.4/26.612.728=+179/29
(R) Mike Sucato882.5/25.515.628=-280/26
(R) Dennis Schmidt3085.2/22.919.017=+1180/28
(R) Al Peña11086.0/21.821.918=+288/20
(S) Ralph Morrison7686.2/21.917.223=-390/20
(R) Gus Migliore21986.9/20.721.322=+482/26
(R) Tony Torello5290.8/16.824.316=+587/21
(R) Ray Guadalupe21391.6/16.922.916=+389/19
(R) Cecil Elie6991.7/16.322.714=+292/16
(R) Olmedo Berrio492.3/16.0N/A17=-596/12
(R) Jack Klein3092.5/15.424.716=+290/18
(R) Herman Santa30093.1/14.326.814=-193/13
(R) Harvey Taylor2295.1/12.930.414=-193/13
(R) Bobby De Assis696.7/11.7N/A11=+197/12
(R) Roberto Belardo20597.1/10.133.99=098/9
(R) Luis Arroyo11098.1/9.733.97=0102/7
(S) Joe Mack398.3/9.0N/A8=+298/10
(S) Steve  McGough699.2/9.326.01647/5 (9 Holes)
(R) Ruben Aleman115102.6/5.236.35=-1104/4
(R) Ignacio Fernandez5104.2/4.2N/A3=+2103/5
Total 24     

Closest to the Pin winners 2020

From left CtP winner Wayne Walker (Hole # 16) with Harvey Taylor on 2/14/20

Photo #5  From left Mike Sucato Jr. Mike Sucato (Hole # 10 CtP winner), Herman Santa (Holes # 3, 7 & 16 CtP winner & Rob Boals on Friday, Nov. 29, 2019


Starting January 1st, we will continue to play at 11:00 A.M. with the rate of 12:00 P.M. until April 15th 2020.  Cost? $37.  Please inform the front desk that will will tee off after 11:00 A.M. not 12 P.M.

Jorge Crespo has been declared the winner of the “Most Impoved Player of the Year”.  When he started playing with us last year his first game he scored 96 with 12 points.  At the present time Jorge’s average is 89.3 with 16.8 points and a 25 Handicap an improvement of 7 strokes.  He won a free round of  golf donated by Herman Santa.


Photos of Jorge Crespo showing his certificate and José Garcia (CtP Hole # 7) with Herman Santa (CtP # 10).  We will return next week to Tee Off starting at 11.

Rules: (Revised 8/19/15)

Fall: Tee off after 11:00 A.M. from Nov. 1 – Dec. 31 (Maximum of 16 players) 

Winter: Tee off after 1:00 P.M. from Jan. 1 – Apr. 30 (Maximum of 20 players) 

Summer: Tee off before 10:00 A.M. from May 1 – Sept. 30(Maximum of 12 players) 

(1) Winner is determined when surpassing betting line

(2) Looser is determined when not meeting betting line

(3) Tie is determined when matching the betting line. (no win, no loss)

(4) Completed rounds count. Incomplete round is null and void. (rain, lightning etc…)

(5) Maximum strokes counted = 2 over par (double boggie)

(6) Gimmi = Must be given not taken. Note: NO gimmi’s when putting for Eagle, Birdie or Par.

(7) Greene = Land on green from the Tee and Par the hole.

(8) Birdie & Greene (Par 3’s) PAYS OUT $2 DOLLARS.

(9) Sandy = Par a par 3, 4, or 5 if you play a stroke from the sand.

(10) Follow golf rules when out of bounds, water etc. Drop ball as rule requires – shoulder high no closer to flag.

(11) Remember Golf is a gentleman’s game and we play with friends. Play within the rules. No exceptions.

(12) When there are no losers in betting points one dollar in the pot to player/s with most points over betting line.

(13) A newcomer must play a minimum of three rounds before being allowed to participate in betting line scoring

(14) Players must notify Herman via Email , Text or phone by Monday evening if they are not able to play.

Message to the playing Members.

Starting Friday, November 8th we will be teeing off at 11:00 A.M.  Cost $28.  We will have 5 Tee Times and starting in December we will have 6 Tee Times.

Golf is a business. When SACI asks and sets up “T” times the week before Friday, those “T” times must be filled. Therefore, once you commit to play you must be present unless you notify me by the Wednesday before play so that he can notify Pro Shop.

Herman will notify the Pro Shop every Monday morning with the names of the players that are going to play on Friday..

If you name has an (R) that means you are a Regular player and you will have a seat every Friday.  If your name has an (S) you are a Substitute.  If you want to change from S to R, please contact me.

Gus will continue to do the “Betting Line” and I will forward it to the group the night before.

Thanks for joining our group.


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