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Scholarship 2014 (Villa)

May 25, 2014 Leave a comment

The Spanish American Club, Inc. gives scholarship award to  local Hispanic student

By Herman Santa

Edwin R. Massey, Ph.D. presenting a diploma to Samuel Villa 2014 Scholarship winner

Edwin R. Massey, Ph.D. presenting a diploma to Samuel Villa 2014 Scholarship winner

For the 20th consecutive year, the Spanish American Club, Inc. has awarded Scholarships to 34 students. Since beginning the program in 1993, the club has given over $20,000 to help area students. Scholarships are given on the basis of applications submitted through their high schools and a series of interviews with a scholarship committee chaired by Herman Santa and co-chaired by Nancy Rozon, Dr. Joseph Wasdovich, Fe Valderuten, Melissa Bonet and Isa Bryson.

One of this year winners is Samuel Villa. He was interviewed by the scholarship committee and was asked several questions concerning her goals and objectives and why she deserved the scholarships. She was selected as the 3rd. winner in 2014, from more that 11 students who applied for the scholarship of the club. The awards are presented each year by the club and are based on grades, academic accomplishments and economic needs.

Samuel was born in Mexico. His parents, Ascención and Sofia Villa were also born in Mexico, and are now living in Stuart. Samuel received a diploma (GED) from Indian River State College. He will attend Indian River State College and will be majoring in Horticulture and Landscape. He has been awarded one of our $750 scholarships.

The following students have been awarded scholarships since 1994.


1994/Armando Gil/México/Ft.Pierce

1995/Elisa Rodríguez/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1996/Jennifer Torres/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1997/Alfredo Rosado/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1998/Pedro Luna/México/Ft. Pierce

1999/Ella R. Flores/México/Ft. Pierce

2000/Miguel J. Gaspar/Guatemala/Indiantown

2001/Gabriela Padilla/México/Indiantown

2002/Roberto Cabrera/México/Ft. Pierce

2003/María A. Fernández/Venezuela/Stuart

2004/Mónica A. Herrera/Colombia/Pt. St. Lucie

2005/Viridiana Félix/Guatemala/Indiantown

2006/Jessica Benítez/México/Pt. St. Lucie

2006/Miriam Hernández/Guatemala/Indiantown

2007/Amy Pérez/Guatemala/Indiantown

2007/Daisy Trujillo/México/Indiantown

2007/Venessa Pelayo/México/Ft Pierce

2008/Floriberta Reynoso/México/Ft. Pierce

2008/Anthony Sanchez/Colombia/Ft. Pierce

2009/Tayliz J. Rodríguez/Puerto Rico/Palm City

2009/Ana G. Fuentes/México/Indiantown

2010/ Marisol Gómez/México/Ft. Pierce

2010/ Elba Valdéz/México/Stuart

2011/ Nancy Velásquez/Guatemala/Indiantown

2011/ Tatiana Muñoz/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2011/ Adriana Rodríguez/Cuba/Port St. Lucie

2012/ Lorena Morales/ México/Indiantown

2012/Vladimir Villa/México/Stuart

2012/Daniel González/Venezuela/Ft. Pierce

2013/Sarahi Mojáras/México/Stuart

2013/Pamela Garcia/México/Stuart

2013/Vanessa Guárnico/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2014/Samuel Villa/Mexico/Stuart

2014/Antonett Nuñez/Perú/Stuart