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Bowling 50/50 Winners 2017

February 10, 2018 Leave a comment

Bowling 50/50 Winners 2017

Photo #1 From left Ruben Aleman, Herman Santa (50/50 Winner-month of October) and Luis Carrillo

Photo #2 From left Ruben Aleman, Johnny Borras (50/50 Winner-month of September) and Ray Guadalupe

Photo #3 From left Al Feliciano (50/50 Winner-month of August) and Ruben Aleman

Photo #4 From left Luis Carrillo, Ruben Aleman and  luis Rosa (50/50 Winner-month of July)

Photo #5 From left Ruben Aleman and Lou Carrillo (50/50 Winner-month of June

Photo #6 From left Daisy Aleman (50/50 winner-Month of May), Ruben Aleman, Lou Carrillo and Josie Guadalupe

Photo # 7 From left Luis Carrillo, Angel Pellot, Nereida Pellot  (50/50 winner-April), Ruben Aleman and Al Feliciano

Photo # 8 From left Luis Carrillo, Nereida Pellot (50/50 winner-March) and Ruben Aleman

Photo #9 From left Dick Diamond, Karen Diamond (50/50 winner-February) and Al Feliciano