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Martial Arts-2021

By Gustavo Santa

Saya Gustavo Santa (Center) with students

10$ non-refundable donation The Burmese Martial Arts Academy is assisting a local wildlife center through self defense/martial arts training. The Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital/Center out of Palm City provides medical & rehabilitative care to wildlife animals & needs help with funding to cover with their services.
Learn self defense, Bando…Lethwei (Muay Thai/Kickboxing) from a 5th level black belt. Donation fees starting @ $ 10 per student per session with all monies being donated directly to the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center. Youth & adult classes held weekly adjacent to Tradition Square, Port St. Lucie (please confirm prior to payment).
Masks required: Wear black athletic clothing, no shorts, no ankle zippers, hair tied back, jewelry secured, bring water
Next classes will be Thursday, February 4th, 2021. PLEASE CONTACT PRIOR BY WEDNESDAY FOR MORE INFORMATION @ (772) 971-5367 Thank you. Very Respectfully, Saya Gustavo “Doc” Santa Burmese Martial Arts Academy, LLC (772) 971 – 5367  Donate to Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital  Hospital | Treasure Coast Wildlife Center | Florida


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