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Scholarship 2019 (Rancel)

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The Spanish American Club, Inc. awards scholarship

By Herman Santa

The Spanish American Club, Inc. is proud to recognize one outstanding student selected to receive one of the six club’s 2019 scholarship awards. The recipient is Marilyn Rancel of Ft. Pierce.

Marilyn Rancel was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.  Her parents Guiomar Rancel was born in Puerto Rico and her mother Dora Gallego was born in Colombia.  Marilyn is now living with her parents in Port St. Lucie.  Marilyn graduated from St. Lucie Centennial High School. This fall she will continue her education in Nursing at Indian River State College and become a Nurse.  She would like to start her own business after graduating from Nursing school.

This year scholarship committee Chair by Nancy Rozon and Co-chair by Elizabeth Mejía, María McCutheon and Pamela Peña along with the board of directors Carlos Bonet, President; Al Feliciano, Vice President; Evelyn Carrillo, Secretary; Josephine Guadalupe, Treasurer; Vivian Megaro, Public Relations Director: Nancy Rozon, Vocal Director; Mary Figliola, Substitute Director did a magnificent job selecting the students and  running the program smoothly. The committee selected the students for their achievements, trustworthiness, character, responsibility, fairness and academics.

The scholarship was established in 1992 for low-income students. Over the past 27 years, the club has awarded more than $32,000 in scholarships to 47 Hispanic senior of Martin and St. Lucie counties. The board raises money for the scholarships by having 50/50 raffles at the monthly dance parties. The board also organizes other events such as picnics, cruises and garage sales. The committees organize events such as bowling, golf and dominoes tournaments. The Golf Group plays golf every Friday at The Saints Golf Course in Port St. Lucie.  They hold a 50/50 raffle on the last Friday of the month. The Bowling Group plays every Monday at 6:00 P.M. at the Saint Lucie Lanes. The bowling group has a 50/50 raffle on the first Monday of the month.

The mission of the club is to promote friendship and solidarity among its members, neighbors and other non profit organizations of the Treasure Coast through cultural, social, civic, charity and sports activities to promote knowledge of the Spanish speaking countries, their geography, history, art and folklore.

The following students have been awarded scholarships since 1994.


1994/Armando Gil/México/Ft.Pierce

1995/Elisa Rodríguez/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1996/Jennifer Torres/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1997/Alfredo Rosado/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1998/Pedro Luna/México/Ft. Pierce

1999/Ella R. Flores/México/Ft. Pierce

2000/Miguel J. Gaspar/Guatemala/Indiantown

2001/Gabriela Padilla/México/Indiantown

2002/Roberto Cabrera/México/Ft. Pierce

2003/María A. Fernández/Venezuela/Stuart

2004/Mónica A. Herrera/Colombia/Pt. St. Lucie

2005/Viridiana Félix/Guatemala/Indiantown

2006/Jessica Benítez/México/Pt. St. Lucie

2006/Miriam Hernández/Guatemala/Indiantown

2007/Amy Pérez/Guatemala/Indiantown

2007/Daisy Trujillo/México/Indiantown

2007/Venessa Pelayo/México/Ft Pierce

2008/Floriberta Reynoso/México/Ft. Pierce

2008/Anthony Sanchez/Colombia/Ft. Pierce

2009/Tayliz J. Rodríguez/Puerto Rico/Palm City

2009/Ana G. Fuentes/México/Indiantown

2010/ Marisol Gómez/México/Ft. Pierce

2010/ Elba Valdéz/México/Stuart

2011/ Nancy Velásquez/Guatemala/Indiantown

2011/ Tatiana Muñoz/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2011/ Adriana Rodríguez/Cuba/Port St. Lucie

2012/ Lorena Morales/ México/Indiantown

2012/Vladimir Villa/México/Stuart

2012/Daniel González/Venezuela/Ft. Pierce

2013/Sarahi Mojáras/México/Stuart

2013/Pamela Garcia/México/Stuart

2013/Vanessa Guárnico/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2014/Samuel Villa/México/Stuart

2014/Antonett Nuñez/Perú/Stuart

2015/Juan Carlos Perez/Guatemala/Jensen Beach

2015/Matias N. Campora/Uruguay/Port St. Lucie

2016/Nicholas Gomez/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2016/Alexia Cepeda/Mexico/Port St. Lucie

2016/Ariana Ramos/Puerto Rico/Port St. Lucie

2017/Gabriela Garcia/Mexico/Ft. Pierce

2017/Jennifer Arriola/Nicaragua/Ft Pierce

2017/Barbara Moreno/Venezuela/Stuart

2017/Moriah Weir/Jamaica/Ft. Pierce

2017/Dayana Espinosa/Mexico/Ft. Pierce

2018/Alexis Weist/Ecuador/Port St. Lucie

2018/Cecilia E. Calderon/El Salvador/Port St. Lucie

2018/India M. Crosske/USA/Port St. Lucie

2018/Johana Fernandez/Cuba/Port St. Lucie

2019/Laura Mejía/Colombia/Ft. Pierce

2019/Rudy Martinez/Mexico/Ft. Pierce

2019/Catherine Ferreira/Brazil-Venezuela/Ft. Pierce

2019/Marilyn Rancel/PR-Colombia -/Ft. Pierce


Independence 2019

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Spanish American Club Celebrates “Night of Independences”

By Herman Santa

Members of The Spanish American Club, Inc. hosted the Annual Independences Party (USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Perú on Saturday, July 29 at the Disabled American Veteran’s Club in Port St. Lucie.

Everyone enjoyed an evening of drinks, snacks, dancing and raffles. Master of ceremonies and president of the club, Carlos Bonet, welcomed everyone to the party and gave an update of the status of the club and thanked every one of them for their continued support. Attendees were entertained by D.J. José Ramirez.

After the president’s update, the D.J. played a Happy Birthday song for the members that were celebrating their birthdays in the month of July. Among them present, were: Carmen Nieves, Olga Guillén, Annie Borras, Yvonne Bonet, Ron Bryson, Theresa Peña, Melissa Sanchez and Mirta Zapata.

Door prize winners: Olga Guillén, Mirta Zapata, Xiomara Guanill, Rosendo González, Luis Rosa and Patricia Peláez.  50/50 winners: Ivan Guanill, Xiomara Guanill and Virginia González.

The following members where celebrating their anniversaries: Carlos and Yvonne Bonet,  Angel and Nereida Pellot, Al and Virginia Feliciano, Augusto and Ana Rodriguez, Anibal and Maria Acevedo, Rosendo and Virginia González, Herman and Lucy Santa, Ron and Isa Bryson, Billy and Nilda Betancourt and Norma and Luis Arroyo.  Ray Guadalupe and Maritza  Riverawere celebrating their engagement.

A big thanks to our members and guests who helped with the decorations, set ups and assisted throughout the night.  The board is planning the next event “Luau Dance” on Saturday, August 31st at the Disabled American Veterans Hall on California Blvd, Port St. Lucie.  Reservations are required.

The mission of the club is to promote friendship and solidarity among its members, neighbors and other institutions of the Treasure Coast through charitable, cultural, social and civic activities to promote knowledge. Throughout the year, the members meet once a month to socialize, dine and dance.  For information regarding the club, visit our website

Mark your calendar for our future events this year.

* “Victory Casino Cruise”, Thursday, August 8

* “Luau Dance”, Saturday, August 31

* “Club’s Anniversary Dance”, September 28

* “Halloween Dance”, Saturday, October 26

* “Bahamas Paradise Cruise”, November 9th through the 11th

*”Thanksgiving Dance”, Saturday, November 30

* “Christmas Dinner Dance”, Saturday, December 28

For information regarding the club, visit our website

Photo # 1 Carmen Nieves, Olga Guillén, Annie Borras, Yvonne Bonet, Ron Bryson, Theresa Peña and Mirta Zapata

Photo # 2 Olga Guillén, Mirta Zapata, Xiomara Guanill, Rosendo González, Luis Rosa and Patricia Peláez

Photo # 3 Ivan Guanill, Xiomara Guanill and Virginia González.

Father’s 2019

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Spanish American Club members celebrate father’s Day

By Evelyn Carrillo

Members of the Spanish American Club, Inc. hosted their Annual Father’s Day Dinner on Saturday, June 29, 2019 at the Disabled American Veterans Club; located at 1150 SW California Blvd., in Port St. Lucie.

Once again members and guess had a fabulous evening with the delightful music of DJ José Ramírez and a delicious dinner of rice with chicken, rice with garbanzo beans, pepper steak, red beans, sweet plantain and a mixed salad. Meal was prepared by Yvonne Bonet and Vivian Megaro, Melissa Sanchez and Mary Figliola.

Dinner was served by Isaiah Jean, Grace Lloyd, Rachelle Rudzinsky, Jocelyn Ortega and Jeremy Sanchez. The Board wants to thank the chefs and the servers for their time and efforts to make this event successful.

The Scholarship Committee; Nancy Rozon, Elizabeth Mejía, María McCutcheon and Pamela Peña had the pleasure of introducing two out of six scholarship recipients; Alejandra Lopéz-De La Cruz and Jaisen González. They expressed their gratitude for the donations made in every event to the scholarship program.

At the event we also celebrated the June birthday members; Javier Crespo, Gilberto Ferri, Roberta Linares, Gilbert Parades, Adolfo Peña, Maite Peterson Cecilia Pulido and Noemi Sanabria.

Door prize winners were; Leily Then, Rafael Gabay, Raquel O’Connor, Virginia González, Jaucelyn Serrano and Dick Diamond.  50/50 winners were; Eliecér Torres, Theresa Peña and Gilberto Ferri.

The Garage Sale is scheduled for September 7, 2019 @ Evelyn Carrillo house 1731 SW Choate Street, PSL 34953. It will take place between the hours of 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. If there are any items that you wish to donate and/or you wish to volunteer to help, please feel free to contact Evelyn at 347-753-2127.

New Club Associates: The Board of Directors gives a cordial welcome to Ms. Jacqueline Allard who is sponsored by Theresa Pena and Ms. Ada Iris Feliciano who is sponsored by Jose and Maria Garcia. Jimmy and Kathy Rivera have been renewed as associates.

Bowling group meets every Monday at the Saint Lucie Lanes located 6759 US Highway 1, PSL 34952. Fee is $9 which includes bowling shoes and 3 games.

Golf group meets every Friday at The Saints Golf Course located at 2601 SE Morningside Blvd., Port St. Lucie. Any one interested, please speak with Herman Santa.

The Board of Directors are appreciative and thankful for those club associates that continue to donate door prizes. These donations are appreciated and helps in the success of our club. A special thanks to Iván Guanill, Dick & Karen Diamond, Nereida & Angel Pellot, Galud Segura, who joined the Board to set up for the event and clean up after the event.

The Independence Day Dance is scheduled for Saturday, July 27th, 2019 @ 6:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.  Donations: Members $10 and Guess $15.  Any questions please contact Mr. Carlos Bonet, President via email: or contact him @ 917-204-6141.

The Victory Casino Cruise is scheduled for Thursday, August 8, 2019, therefore your immediate attention is required if you wish to attend.  Please contact Ms. Vivian Megaro, Public Relations Director via email @ or call her @  772-475-5383.  Check should be written out to The Spanish American Club, Inc. and mailed to PO Box 9356 Port Saint Lucie, Fl. 34985 ($20 ea.).

Mark your calendar for our future events this year.

* “Luau Dance”, Saturday, September 28,

* “Club’s Anniversary Dance”, Saturday, August 31

* “Halloween Dance”, Saturday, October 26

*”Thanksgiving Dance”, Saturday, November 30

* “Christmas Dinner Dance”, Saturday, December 28

For information regarding the club, visit our website

Festejan los socios del Spanish American Club, Inc. “SACI” el Día de los Padres

Por Herman Santa

El evento se celebró el pasado sábado 29 de junio, en el Disabled American Veterans Club en Port St. Lucie. Los socios empezaron como de costumbre con un coctél y disfrutaron de un delicioso bufét preparado por Yvonne Bonet, Vivian Megaro, Melissa Sanchez y Mary Figliola.

Después de la cena, las rifas y presentaciones, nuestro D.J. José Ramírez le tocó una canción de cumpleaños a los socios que estaban celebrando sus cumpleaños en el mes de junio. Entre ellos estaban presentes: Jennifer Quiñones, Virginia González, Al Peña, Gilberto Ferri, Gilbert Parades and Jessica Cruz

Los ganadores de los premios fueron: Leily Then, Rafael Gabay, Raquel O’Connor, Virginia González, Jaucelyn Serrano y Dick Diamond.  Los del 50/50 fueron: Eliecér Torres, Theresa Peña and Gilberto Ferri.

El comité de la beca compuesto por Nancy Rozon, Elizabeth Mejía, María McCutcheon y Pamela Peña presentaron a Alejandra López y a Jaisen González, dos de los seis ganadores de las becas este año.

El Club es una corporación con fines no lucrativos fundada en el 1992 para conservar y promover la cultura hispana en la Costa del Tesoro. El objetivos principal es promover el intercambio cultural, de idioma, geografía, costumbres, historia, arte y folklore de los paises de habla hispana.

Para información con respecto a los eventos del club pueden contactar al presidente del club Mr. Carlos Bonet via, Cell (917) 204-6141.

Para más información visiten:

Marque su calendario

* Independence Dance, sábado 29 de julio

* Luau Dance”, sábado, 28 de Septiembre

* “Club’s Anniversary Dance”, sábado 31 de Agosto

* “Halloween Dance”, sábado 26 de Octubre

*”Thanksgiving Dance”, sábado 30 de Noviembre

* “Christmas Dinner Dance”, sábado 28 de Diciembre

​Photo # 1 Scholarship Committee and 2019   Recipients: From left Pamela Peña, Nancy Rozon, Elizabeth Mejía, Jaisen González, Alejandra López-De La Cruz.

Photo # 2 June Birthdays: From left Jennifer Quiñones, Virginia González, A Peña, Gilberto Ferri Gilbert Paredes and Jessica Cruz

Photo # 3 Door Prize Winners: From left Jaucelyn Serrano, Virginia González, Raquel O’Connor, Rafael Gabay, Leily Then and Dick Diamond.

Photo # 4 50/50 Winners: From left Gilberto Ferri, Eliecér Torres and Theresa Peña.